Every product needs a package. It is not only for protection of the product. Meanwhile, the package will also promote the product, make the product standing out and create buying impulse.

JJX is an eco friendly packaging solution provider. While we provide elegant package to many luxury products, our packaging solutions comply with the 3R principle – Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.

We apply the 3R principle in 4 dimensions – Design, Material, Process and Life Cycle in order to reduce carbon footprint.

Our structural design team will provide advice to customer of how to reduce material but maintain the same effect of protection and visual appearance. In return, customer can also save cost in the portion of material. On the other hand, many of our packages are designed to be reused for storage or display.
Depending on different kinds of product, we will recommend our customers to use recycle or biodegradable materials. Under strict control process, we reduce wastage in production. To avoid chemical influence especially for food, we use soy ink for printing. In addition, our paper are FSC certified. Currently, our product life cycle assessment is from cradle to gate. We will monitor all the resource from raw materials to final package till they are shipped out our factory. Therefore, carbon footprint is managed and reduced.